Patrick Rowland is a writer/performer/instructor out of Chicago. He has studied at iO Chicago and Second City. He can be seen performing at iO with 3Peat 2016, 2017 Best Non Harold team, and Deltones. He is also a graduate of Second City's Writer and Conservatory programs, and has performed with their Outreach and Diversity program, House Ensembles, The Onion Live!, and has understudied 2 Main Stage reviews, he is also a contributing writer for The Second City Network. Barack All Night a talk show he wrote and starred in has received 3 stars from the Chicago Tribune and was a Timeout Chicago's Critics Pick. Patrick’s workshops and shows have sold out across the country. His solo sketch work was featured in the 2013 TBS Just For Laughs Festival. Patrick has taught and currently teaches at DePaul University, iO Chicago, Westside Comedy Theater, Skidmore College, and The Second City.


Deloitte Training Video                               Manager                        Deloitte

"Sunshine Law Awareness"                       Lightman                        Second City 

"Conflict of Interest"                                    Jake                              Second City 

"Standards of Conduct"                              Gary                              Second City 

"Sales & Medical Affairs                             Dan                               Second City 

Kyocera                                                      Flipdad                          Boom Shift

KFC Chicken Addicts                                 Gary                              Draftfcb Chicago

"Cultural Diversity"                                     Rick                               Second City

Sexy Time with Ludas Pilot                        Ludas                            WitTv

3Peat Sizzle Reel                                      Ensemble

 The Blackening                                         Patrick                           Comedy Central

White Tax                                                                                         Comedy Central  

In Those Genes                                                                               Comedy Central

Hater Annihilator                                                                              Comedy Central



Confession                                                 Writer                            Donny's Skybox 

Now Broadcasting In Stereotype             Ensemble                        Donny's Skybox            

Eat, Pray, Lie                                           Ensemble                        Donny's Skybox

Winner…of Our Discontent                      Understudy                     Second City MainStage 

Let Them Eat Chaos                                Understudy                     Second City MainStage/

Barack All Night: Late night talk show      Host/Writer                     Del Close Theater/Y Don't U Like Me Solo/                               Writer                             Playground Theater 

Wavelength                                             Ensemble                        Touring

The Onion Live!                                       Malcolm                          Up Comedy Club

Norwegian Gem                                      Ensemble                        Second City Theatricals

Pat is the New Black                               Solo/Writer                      iO Chicago/Dir. Charna 



3Peat                                                                                              iO Chicago

Musical Armando                                                                            iO Chicago

Deltones                                                                                         iO Chicago

Improv Famous                                                                             Westside Comedy Theater

Mission Improvable                                                                       Westside Comedy Theater



Writing Program                                                                             Second City

iO Talk Show Portfolio writing program                                          iO Chicago/ Nate Herman

Beginning Improv Program                                                            Second City

Conservatory Program                                                                   Second City

Improv Program                                                                             iO Chicago

Master Class Improv                                                                      Workshop Dick Schaal

Master Class Improv                                                                      Workshop Scott Adsit

Acting                                                                                              Eric Hunicut

Intro to Directing Sketch                                                                Matt Hovde



Improv                                                                                           iO Training Center

Improv/Writing/Conservatory Program                                         Second City Training 

Sketch Comedy 209                                                                     Depaul University

Improv                                                                                           Westside Comedy Theater

2010 - present

2010 - present


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