Learn how to write for late-night television with Patrick Rowland! In this 4 week class, Patrick will act as a head writer as he helps you develop the tools it takes to be a staff writer on a late-night tv show. Each week you will be taught a different aspect of being in a writer's room. You will be given assignments as if you are a writer for a show and given personal feedback on those assignments. Each class will be 2 hours long. Class size will be capped at 10, that way you can get more personal attention.

Price: $250

Dates: TBD

For more info email me at psmoov123@gmail.com

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Patrick is a writer/performer from Chicago now residing in L.A., he currently writes for "The Amber Ruffin Show" and has had a successful run with his own late-night talk show "Barack All Night" which received a 3-star review from the Chicago Tribune. He has studied and taught sketch/improv/ and late-night writing at world-renowned institutions such as The Second City, iO Theater, and DePaul University. He is a founding member of the award-winning sketch/improv group 3Peat. One of his sketches was nominated for a GLAAD award. 

Class Schedule

Week 1


Monologue jokes are a must for late-night tv shows, and writers who can deliver them consistently are a rare commodity because they can be very hard to write. In the first week, you will learn the skills and science behind writing monologue jokes for late-night tv. You will be given the tools to help you craft jokes that get your point of view across and make people laugh. 

Week 2

Desk Pieces


Every late-night show host delivers topical and hilarious bits and pieces from their desks. In the second week, we will delve into the structure of pitching and writing desk pieces. How to develop and then execute an idea for desk bits will be examined.

Week 3 



Sketches are constantly used in late-night tv to lampoon what's going on in the world or to just have fun. In week three you'll learn to take current affairs, pop culture, songs, or any creative idea you have and format it into a fully formed sketch. You will learn different ways and forms from satire, to parody to come up with the idea to write a fully fleshed-out sketch ready to air on television. 

Week 4

Writing Show Packets


We will take all of the previous lessons and learn how to translate that into a writing packet. or to create a running order for your own talk show.  At the end of this workshop, you will walk away with a sample packet that you can start submitting to late-night tv shows. 


Patrick Rowland